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English, Maths and ESOL classes are offered by the WEA throughout the East Midlands.

Classes are open to all adults over 19 who would like to improve these skills and may wish to work towards a qualification.

Tutors Needed!

We are looking for sessional tutors of English, Maths and ESOL throughout the East Midlands.

You will need to have a Cert Ed, PGCE or DTTLS and a subject specialism in English, Maths or ESOL.  You must have experience of teaching adults and be able to deliver Functional Skills or ESOL accreditation.  We particularly need tutors in Nottingham and Leicester.

If you are interested, please complete an application form:

Job description and application form

You can then email the form to

Closing date 9 June 2017

If you would like to discuss this, please contact Vicki or Sue – 01509 262036 – –


“I can do it!”

My experience with WEA functional English.
      Having left school 36 years ago without a qualification to my name, my confidence in all subjects especially English was practically non existent. When I had the opportunity to study Functional English under the tutorship of a WEA tutor, I jumped at the chance as I had heard of them with good favour from other mature people who had studied with WEA in the past.
      Over the year that followed my confidence grew with the help and guidance of the tutor, an experienced and approachable tutor with WEA, not only did my knowledge in the subject grow better but, with her help, a lot of my self doubts were laid to rest.
       After completing  my functional English level 1, with WEA, I passed. Which has given me the confidence to go on to study at GCSE level with a view, in time, to attend university.
None of this would be at all possible without the teaching from WEA especially the tutor, who taught me “I can do it”.
Thank you WEA.
Student with WEA from 2016 to 2017 and looking forward to the future.

Student Visit to the Council House in Nottingham

An ESOL class went on a visit to the Council House in Nottingham with their tutor.
The students learned about international women’s day, the hardships and abuse that many suffer, and they heard inspiring stories of people’s journeys, which they said they enjoyed.
They got to meet the Lord Mayor and the Sheriff of Nottingham and learned about their role, democratic elections and the role of local council.
They were honoured with a private tour of the council house and had lunch at the Lord Mayor’s suit 😁 The students had many questions and learned about the local political situation, its impact, history of the council house and Nottingham. They were surprised to hear that Robin Hood is not real as such and they had a discussion about that too.
Students engaged with stall holders and learned about health and fitness, BMI and healthy eating, gym membership, sports groups and support groups.
They were introduced to a job agency that was there and students registered, got information and discussed different job options that the agency had. They also saw a Central college stall which was promoting apprenticeships. It was explained  in detail what that is and how this can be option for getting into work and education.
There were several other things, including Victim support, music and Zumba, and refreshments were provided.

Fun English class – a good decision


My name is Raquel and I have been living in England since 2013. Before I decide to join these English classes, I tried to learn English in another academy, but  I was not able to express my ideas clearly in English. I had no idea how to write a formal or informal letters, and  that sometimes made me feel frustrated. I thought English was a complicated language. When I joined the class,  I thought  it was going to be really difficult.  Before the courses started, the first thing they did is a small test to know  the level of English I had, and when I started the course we work from this level.

As I said before I thought it was going to be difficult, but thanks to the teacher  and also my classmates I felt confident. The classes were really fun, and the teacher was always willing to help you with any questions you may have. Being in this class has made me feel comfortable with English, both writing and speaking. Thanks to this course, my daily tasks  has improved greatly. I can also write in past perfect and past simple and that makes me feel so happy. Now I can write formal letters without any difficulties.

I can definitely  say that join these English classes has been one of the best decisions I have made since I came to England.

What I’m going to do now is join the Level two Class, because I want to continue improving  my level of English.

Firing up my brain with maths!

My Success Story by Loraine

I am recovering from a brain injury due to a stroke 4 years ago.

My poor subject at school was maths, though I did get a CSE Grade 1 at a college resit back in the 1980s, over the years I had forgotten all of it. I wanted to challenge myself.

I thought by doing a maths course, starting over from scratch would help me to understand mathematical problems and to apply it to some everyday situations more confidently, such as working out percentages.

And secondly I was hoping it would help in some way to ‘fire-up’ my brain to work a little better, which I think it did somewhat.

I thought Maths was  confusing and difficult

When I joined the class I was keen to start over and challenge myself

Being in this class was a lot of fun, and everyone had it in them to solve the questions, and with encouragement and confidence we were able to demonstrate this

I can now  move on to further study, and apply it to everyday scenarios, like sales, purchases, measurements

I am better at  problem solving.

What I’m going to do now is  move on to the next level, i.e. functional maths level 2, and I plan to continue through the levels to see how far I can go. After level 2, my goal is to try a GCSE for the first time, and it will be maths.

Maths Tutors Needed!

Sessional Maths tutors are needed in Leicester, Nottingham and Chesterfield.

You should have experience in teaching Maths to adults and Functional Skills.

Please contact Vicki Jones for more details and an application pack:

Student Visit to Nottingham Castle

Some ESOL students from classes at Vernon Community College visit the castle: