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by on July 19, 2012

Before I came to class I learned English language at Regent College.  That was ESOL Entry 2.  After that I started ESOL Level 1 and WEA and as I passes exams, I continue studying at WEA.

When I started my ESOL classes two years ago, I was really surprised when I saw that the WEA offered ESOL courses for cheaper fee than other colleges.  I expected the same level the knowledge from the teacher as in colleges.  I also expected good opportunities for improving my weak English, my pronunciation and grammar.  I didn’t know how to speak in English, except couple of words.  That is not good for living in the UK, especially if you want to stay and work here.

When I joined the class, there were lots of students with the same problems as me; their and my English required lots of working on speaking, reading and writing.  We worked on our weaknesses and step by step, we gained the ability to understand each other better than at the beginning.

Before I didn’t know how to compose sentences, I just put words without any order and nobody could understand what I wanted to say.  I also didn’t know how to write a formal letter or personal statement.  Fortunately, it was in the past, before my studying at WEA.

Nowadays, I use English often in conversation on the telephone, in the shopping, with doctors and friends.  Also when I watch movies or read newspapers, I try to use my knowledge of English.

In the future, I hope that I will find a good job and that my knowledge of English can help me in that.

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