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Philip and Sharon

by on October 26, 2012


My name is Sharon. I joined the maths class in Stamford last year, because the employment agency suggested it. I hadn’t done any maths since school. At school I hated maths because I couldn’t get it right and my confidence went down and down. I didn’t see what I would need it for either.

Since I joined this class my view of maths has changed. I feel a lot more confident now about tackling maths problems and I’ve really got to grips with measuring and reading scales, and with rounding and estimating. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know some new people and the class is very friendly.

I’ve just done my level 1 exam and I’m hoping to move on to level 2. I need to get better at handling fractions but I feel more confident now that I can get there.


My name is Philip. I hadn’t done any classes since school when I joined the maths class in Stamford. I am unemployed and the employment agency I am signed up with suggested a maths class as something useful to do. I was very wary of joining – I didn’t like maths at school. I was always getting told off for running out of time or getting the wrong answer.

I joined the class at the start of this year and I’ve just taken my level 1 exam. I’ve definitely become more confident about solving maths problems and I’ve learnt how to work out averages and use ratios. I’m determined to keep going and pass my level 2 next.

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  1. Ruth permalink

    Philip passed his Level 2 at the end of the summer term as well – congratulations! He’s now joined a WEA course to brush up his literacy skills.

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