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Vernon’s Story

by on November 1, 2012

When I started at WEA I could not read or write very well. Well to tell the truth I could not do it at all. How can I put this with out it sounding like I was payed to say it. Ros my tutor is very good at what she does. It is down to her hard work and teachings that got me where I am now. I like coming to WEA they are very help full and supportive to your needs they all ways make everyone feel welcome and I feel it must be one of the best places to get new skills.

How I felt when I first started at WEA.I found it very hard at first but there were extra helpers. Jonathan and Russell . They were all ways there to help you if Ros was bizzy with another student. I think the class works very well how it is set out. One main tutor and two support tutors. Well it worked for me anyway.

I feel now at about my skills – it has gave me confidence to read and write. I think without blowing my own trumpet that my writing is not that bad now and I want to get even better. I want to be able to write my own book but need more work on spelling especially but I think if I try harder and put more time in I can do better.  Vernon receiving his E2 certificate from Branch Chair, Jenny Marriott at 101 Leicester

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  1. Good for you Vernon, and good luck writing your book.

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