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Tahira Khan

by on January 17, 2013


My name is Tahira Khan and I originally come from Afghanistan. I was not able to go to schools in Afghanistan because of the political problems although I learnt how to read and write in Urdu before I came in the UK.  I have never had any chance to learn English.

In 2007,March, I moved to England and settled here in Nottingham City. My father took me to the local Community centre to introduce me to the ESOL tutor so that I could join the course and learn English.

At the beginning I was not very confident to be in the course and sit with other learners who spoke, read and wrote very good English. I thought I would never be like one of them who chatted away with the tutor in English. I thought they would laugh at me because I could not speak English at all and I never had a chance to go to school properly. But then I noticed that it did not matter how well or bad we spoke in the class we all got treated the same way and with respect to our culture religion and background. That gave me initial confidence to attend the lessons regularly and work hard on tasks and practice English as much as I can.

Over the years I have attended number of WEA ESOL courses and was very happy to see my achievements and compare my knowledge to the one from the last term to check my progress. My tutor, my results after assessments always proved that I was improving very well. In 2007, I started my learning ESOL with pre Entry level, within the one academic year I passed Entry 1 exam, following year I passed Entry 2 exam in all skills, and last academic year I passed E3 exam in all skills and got my certificates in ESOL. Currently I am learning towards Literacy Level 1 and getting ready to take my test soon. I also passed my citizenship test which enables me to apply for British passport and I have certificates from Numeracy and IT courses.

Being in ESOL classes still make confident and very happy as I learn, at the same time I chat to my tutor and friend, discuss current affairs and plan for my future.

I can now fill the forms myself, apply for a job when I am ready, talk to my doctor, tutor and any other officials without help. I am very confident to read and write official letters, read leaflets and brochures, also newspapers.

My future plan is, to pass L1, then L2 tests, then to apply for teaching assistant course at the local college or University.

Sometimes, I remember my first visit to ESOL class and realise how much difference between me then and now, and how much I achieved. I never thought that one day I would be able to talk as well as the other students, but I can now, and I am so happy with that.

Working hard and being determined always pays well. I am very determined and will carry on learning until I achieve my long term goal.


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