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Mary’s Story

by on June 21, 2013

Mary started attending a Maths class in January 2013 and has completed her Entry 1 City and Guilds exam.  She discovered how much money she could save while she was attending the Maths class.   This is her story:

The Benefits of Giving up Smoking

I have been trying to give up smoking for 8 weeks.  It is hard.  I have reduced the amount I smoke.  I have noticed that my food tastes better.  I am healthier.  I don’t get so many headaches.

There are money benefits.  I’ve got loads of money I’ve saved – £7 a packet.  I’ve put it in a kitty and I’ve saved £250 to pay for my holiday in September.  I am going to Butlins at Skeggy (Skegness).

At the moment I spend about £10 a week and I save £40.  I used to smoke 40 a day.  I sometimes smoke 4 a day now.

I plan to stop completely.  I’ve got to, I’ve had 6 strokes and I don’t want another one.

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