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Angie Craus

by on October 15, 2013

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“My name is Angie Craus, and I moved to Leicester from East Yorkshire in November 2012.

I had lived in Yorkshire all my life so moving to Leicester was a very big change for me.

I noticed the WEA one day while stood at the bus stop.  I began looking at all the courses advertised and thought all the spare time I had , not yet having a job, I could improve my education.  I decided I would enrol on English and spelling courses.

I had never done any sort of learning since leaving school, so I was a little anxious about being in a classroom.  I was so wrong.  The teaching staff put me at ease, making me very enthusiastic to learn and concentrate again. 

I have now passed two levels of my English, and will be working towards the next part starting in September.  I am also carrying on with my Spelling Booster class which I also enjoy very much.

I really look forward to my classes and joining the other students in them.

When I have completed my English qualification I will look at other courses.”

Angie was presented with an Achievement Award by Anne Walker (WEA Director for Education) at the opening day of the new computer suite at 101 in Leicester.


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