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Annabell Bell-Boulé

by on August 1, 2014

Success Story – Annabell Bell-Boulé (passed Level 1 Functional Skills maths December 2013 and Level 2 Functional Skills maths May 2014)

Nottingham Women’s Centre maths class – Spring term 2014

“Before I came to class I was professionally successful but lacking proficiency and confidence in maths. I thought maths was incomprehensible, too difficult to attempt but the last rubicon to cross. When I joined the class I was astonished at the similar stories women told about how their maths confidence was eroded by teachers. Being in the class I was stimulated, entertained, educated, informed and moved by being in a disparate group of women with one major similarity- maths phobia. I now believe I can achieve something in maths- minor for others- major for me. I am better at having the confidence to tackle maths in my life and communicating how valuable this confidence is especially for women. Next I am going to register for GCSE maths and succeed.

Personal comments – my success in maths skills and my new found confidence in maths is due to a remarkable teacher: Ceri Griffiths who is inspirational, witty, very creative and extremely positive about teaching maths. Bad teaching in maths seems to affect women particularly badly. Good teaching in maths, such as that done by Ceri, restores confidence and enhances learning.

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