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Lorraine’s Maths Story

by on January 19, 2016

City And Guilds Course Nottingham 2014/2015

“The course was helpful to me in a number of ways in the main it improved everyday Maths skills like handling change more accurately, improved use of measurements like metric weights, and measures. Simple application of this was in working out dosages for medications for me or my pets. I became more confident in all of these as the course developed and practical work in classes reinforced the new found knowledge.

Problem solving in working out areas could be applied to home DIY projects whether working out wallpaper, carpeting quantity or volume of seed to cover a lawn area. The practical application of maths skills gained, takes you through from every possible home use, from kitchen to the garden to finding your way around on maps drawn to scale.

Developing analytical skills and the ability to assess methods of working in solving maths problems was also part of the course.

This course helps overcome Maths phobias, and builds confidence so that achievement is possible all in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The recently obtained qualification will give greater career opportunity in the future. I will have far more doors open, with a maths qualification than I did before.

I enjoyed class contact time, and will miss the social opportunity it gave in working in a group.”

Lorraine Perro

Lorraine has now enrolled on a GCSE Maths course at her local college.

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