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Student Visit to the Council House in Nottingham

by on May 31, 2017

An ESOL class went on a visit to the Council House in Nottingham with their tutor.
The students learned about international women’s day, the hardships and abuse that many suffer, and they heard inspiring stories of people’s journeys, which they said they enjoyed.
They got to meet the Lord Mayor and the Sheriff of Nottingham and learned about their role, democratic elections and the role of local council.
They were honoured with a private tour of the council house and had lunch at the Lord Mayor’s suit 😁 The students had many questions and learned about the local political situation, its impact, history of the council house and Nottingham. They were surprised to hear that Robin Hood is not real as such and they had a discussion about that too.
Students engaged with stall holders and learned about health and fitness, BMI and healthy eating, gym membership, sports groups and support groups.
They were introduced to a job agency that was there and students registered, got information and discussed different job options that the agency had. They also saw a Central college stall which was promoting apprenticeships. It was explained  in detail what that is and how this can be option for getting into work and education.
There were several other things, including Victim support, music and Zumba, and refreshments were provided.

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